Sligo Christmas Market

The Sligo Christmas Market is back for 2022, and it's wonderful to see it. The Quayside Shopping Centre comes to life with all kinds of everything. You can find things that you won't find anywhere else, and all under one roof. There are some gorgeous things, and I may have started my Christmas shopping early!... Continue Reading →

Benny’s Deli, Castlerea

If you are near Castlerea I'd highly recommend a visit to Benny's Deli. It's a fantastic shop, with all kinds of goodies. I always stop in for a Leitrim Loaf (which you just have to try), I left it too late the last time I was there, but I bought a lovely soda bread. Benny's... Continue Reading →

Sunday thoughts – Market days

I went to Strandhill People's Market today, I was one of the people who braved the elements. It was just lovely, a welcoming atmosphere, bright and cheery, and so many gorgeous things under one roof. As I drove away it got me thinking. Thinking about the people who put their hearts and souls into the... Continue Reading →

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