Four years ago today

4233822840_71e90a41e2_o-004It’s hard to believe that its four years ago today since Jono had his spinal fusion surgery. Time really does fly. We had to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the ‘twin rods’ today 🙂 If you want to read the whole story from four years ago it’s here. Well done Jono, the bravest person I know and a real inspiration.

12 thoughts on “Four years ago today

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  1. You are right, he is a brave young man indeed. And you are as well. I didn’t know about this Val. I will tell you that I was diagnosed with Scoliosis when I was around 12. In those days they didn’t have many options….I am very happy for Jono!!

  2. I agree with you, Val. Your Jono is indeed a very brave fella and one tough cookie. Fair play to you, Jono. And fair play to you and your family, Val, as well. It must have been very tough on you, in other ways, while Jono was going through all these ops, and hospital visits. It’s very inspiring and uplifting. Three cheers (and then some) for Jono! 🙂

  3. What an amazing improvement x. I bet it’s made so much difference to his life, fair play to Jono because I imagine it would have been a very painful process, but well worth it. Big hugs X

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