Canon SELPHY CP900

SELPHY-CP900_Angle1_tcm24-962925Canon Ireland let me have a play of this lovely little Canon SELPHY CP900 printer. It’s a great little bit of equipment, a very dinky unit which can print 6×4 sized images and various other prints including credit card sized prints and various sizes of stickers. It’s a really good idea and is very handy to take out with you (there is an optional battery which would make it completely portable…and it would even fit in my handbag!!)

The quality of the prints are great, equally as good as any I’ve got done in my local photography shop or chemist and you have your print in 47 seconds!  It does instant wireless printing and I’ve had it printing wirelessly from my laptop and my phone. It’s very easy to use (if I can use it anyone can). It’s compatible with SD memory cards and also has a USB slot so if your camera doesn’t have WiFi you can use the USB cable.

You can also crop and optimize your images in the printer. All in all it’s a great little piece of kit, the only thing I would add is bluetooth for phones that haven’t got WiFi.

To read more about the Canon SELPHY CP900 click here.

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  1. Aww, major lust for this! I have an instant camera on my wish list for Christmas because I wanted to get prints quickly!

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