Sligo Christmas Present Ideas

Are you still stuck for Christmas present ideas? I was awake during the night and was thinking about some of the fantastic Sligo ‘experiences’ I’ve had. There are some really brilliant things to do in Sligo and the ones I’ve tried all sell vouchers so I think they’d be brilliant Christmas ideas. Here are just some of them:


A flying lesson from Sligo Aero Club. Certainly one of the highlights of my year and I’m scared (or was scared) of flying. What an amazing way to see Sligo. You can read more about my flight here and here.

DSCF8656Or how about a voucher for SUP (Stand Up Paddling). Again a totally different way to see Sligo, very relaxing and peaceful. Here’s my blog post about my experience.

7679611140_0b5a35517a_oStill on the water how about a voucher for a trip to Inishmurray Island, Coney Island or maybe a sea fishing trip. I went to both islands with Ewing’s.

2583943620_69320b4bb9_bHow about a horse riding lesson or trek voucher. I went with Markree Riding Stables and had a brilliant time, here’s just one of my blogs about it.

DSCF1830During the summer I went to Church Island and Beezie’s Island in Lough Gill. I’m not sure if Eddie sells voucher but I’m sure he’ll sort you out. I really enjoyed my trip with Lough Gill Tours.

So that’s just a few ideas for you. I certainly would love to receive a voucher for any of these. There are of course all kinds of adventures you can take part in here in Sligo such as: cycling, hiking, surfing, seatrails, free diving, scuba diving and many more besides but I can only blog about the ones I’ve tried.

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  1. Great ideas, all of them. If Santi and/or my other half is reading this, I want to go to Coney Island, Inishmurray Island or Beezie’s Island. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Val.

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