Flying over Sligo

As I've had some quiet time over Christmas I finally got to edit the photos I'd taken back in June. I went on a flight over Sligo as part of my Wild Atlantic Wayfarer project. It's so amazing seeing Sligo from the air, it's a stunning place anyway but it's really something else looking down... Continue Reading →

Sligo Christmas Present Ideas

Are you still stuck for Christmas present ideas? I was awake during the night and was thinking about some of the fantastic Sligo 'experiences' I've had. There are some really brilliant things to do in Sligo and the ones I've tried all sell vouchers so I think they'd be brilliant Christmas ideas. Here are just... Continue Reading →

These wings were meant to fly

Following on from my 'Learning to Fly' blog post I have more photos to share with you from my visit to the Sligo Aero Club. The plane above is a 1941 Piper Cub J3 it's in beautiful condition and looks exactly as it would have done when it left the factory all those years ago. ... Continue Reading →

Eagles Flying ….again

I know I've done several blogs about Eagles Flying but it really is one of my favourite places in Sligo. This time I went with friends who had never been before, they were blown away by the place. I was testing a different camera. This one is a Fuji HS10. It has a massive 30x... Continue Reading →

Clowns praying for votes?

Clowns praying for votes?, originally uploaded by magnum_lady (back online :). The above pic was one I took for the Sligo camera club competition. The subject was a picture in a picture....which taxed my brain no end! So this was one I took. I also entered a four seasons pic which is on flickr and... Continue Reading →

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