Coney Island

IMG_4954At the weekend, thanks to Medbh, who arranged it for me, I finally got the Coney Island. Now before you get all excited and think I ended up in America I have to explain this Coney Island is in Sligo. It lies between Strandhill and Rosses Point. When it’s a low tide it’s possible to walk across by Cummeen Strand but whatever the tide there is Ewings boat taxi that runs from Rosses Point and takes about 5 or ten minutes (perfect for me as I’m not great with boats!) It was a foggy day so my first view of the island was to see it shrouded in fog, which made it all the more mystical. You can see some more of the foggy photos here.

IMG_4959Coney Island is about 400 acres, it was named after the Irish for rabbit as it’s full of them….I didn’t get to see any though (typical!) There are a few inhabited houses on the island, as well a ruins…and the most important thing a pub! There are also sheep, cows and so many wild birds (the feathered kind). I’ve never seen so many robins in one day.

IMG_5011I only had about an hour to wander around the island…oh well I’ll just have to go back again πŸ˜‰ I went to visit my friend, Medbh who was staying in a beautiful lodge on the island which not only sleeps 6 and has all mod-cons but it also has an artist’s studio.Β  Medbh and her friends were working on an art exhibition that they hope to have next year. I can’t think of a better place to get inspiration. Eddie Lee and David Lyttle went to Coney Island and wrote ‘The Barinthus Suite’, you can hear a bit of it here.

IMG_5016The views from the island are stunning (probably would have been better if it wasn’t for the fog), but if you look closely at the photo above you might see Benbulben.

IMG_5200All too soon it was time for Eithne to come back and collect me in the boat. Like Arnie says ‘I’ll be back’. You can see the rest of my photos here.

IMG_5185All photos taken with the 1100D from Canon-Ireland.


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  1. I just have to get over there. Every single time we go to Strandhill, we drive past the sign for it that says ‘Coney Island – 4 miles’. The Inishmulclohy Lodge looks so lovely, as well. Another Sligo treasure. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of such a beautiful place.

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