Sligo Christmas Present Ideas

Are you still stuck for Christmas present ideas? I was awake during the night and was thinking about some of the fantastic Sligo 'experiences' I've had. There are some really brilliant things to do in Sligo and the ones I've tried all sell vouchers so I think they'd be brilliant Christmas ideas. Here are just... Continue Reading →

Giddy up

Today I got to trek around Markree Castle with Caroline from Markree Stables and Ailbhe and Laura. It really is a beautiful place and so nice to see it all on horseback. Major was my horse and he was lovely. He did what he was told and I actually got to canter and stayed in... Continue Reading →

Back in the saddle again

In November I won a competition on twitter for a riding lesson at Markree riding stables. It's almost 30 years since I was on a horse so although I used to go on a weekly basis I'm more than a little rusty. So I was a bit apprehensive today when I set off for my... Continue Reading →

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