Recession Roses?

IMG_7065I won a tin of Cadbury Roses today….yay!!! But they’ve changed the chocolates….boo!!! We always used to fight over who got the chocolate chunk…to our disappointment they’ve replaced them with a ‘coffee escape’. I wish the bloody coffee would escape because it shouldn’t be in a tin of Roses. Little was I to know that my rant on twitter would be picked up by

My five minutes of fame over my storm in a chocolate tin.


8 thoughts on “Recession Roses?

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  1. At least you got chocs. I won a raffle at the weekend and much to my dismay, having dreamed of Roses & wine, or maybe nice vouchers, I collected a desk lamp and a bar stool!
    Gave everyone a good laugh though.

  2. Cadbury Roses have been crappy for a few years now. And adding soya and/or palm oil to the ‘recipe’ is one more reason I won’t go near them now. They used to be so delicious. These days, we also get our chocs from Lidl, but also, Galaxy and Lily O’Brien’s. In other words, real chocolate, as opposed to god-only-knows what kind of chemical concoctions are now in Roses these days.

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