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RecoveringJust when you think life is going well it has a habit of giving you a swift kick up the backside.  This week I was picking up Jono from Collooney railway station and Rocket-dog came along.  I was walking him along the station and his toenails got caught in a metal grid 😦 So he had to go to the vets and have two toenails removed.

Bandaged footThanks so much to Inishfree Veterinary Hospital for taking such good care of him and to Darren the vet for taking the photos.  Rocket-dog is recovering at home at the moment.

So that was on Tuesday.  Yesterday the kids had the dentist, Jono isn’t great with dentists (he doesn’t like tools and instruments put in his mouth).  Luckily we have the best dentist ever (Stephen Campbell in Wolfetone Street, Sligo), he spent time showing Jono all the equipment and what it does so Jono was brilliant and didn’t even gag which is a first.

When I was in town I went into Specsavers as Andy has been having trouble with one of his eyes being blurry in the last couple of weeks.  They asked me to bring Andy in asap, so off we went that afternoon. The optician said there was either a hole or a bleed in the macular in his eye so they sent him to the hospital.

After a little while waiting in A&E he was sent up to the eye ward.  What amazed me is that the eye tests were carried out in the waiting room, with everyone else sitting there!  He did get to see a doctor but they couldn’t see anything by just looking with a light so he has to go back on Monday to have an eye examination with a high-definition machine.  Fingers crossed it’ll go OK.

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  1. Poor Rocket-Dog! Poor Jono! Poor Andy! Yikes!

    And poor you, as well…the ‘carer’ suffers too, when our loved ones aren’t feeling the best. Sometimes, when it rains, it pours.

    I’m hoping that since this was first posted (last week), all is well again for everyone.

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