Sligo Gaol

Sligo GaolI finally got to take photos inside Sligo Gaol (or jail) this week.  I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but it isn’t open to the public.  Siobhan the Heritage Officer let Sarah (Derelict Nation) and I for a look around on Monday.  The prison was open from 1823-1959, it was also known as the Cranmore Hotel.

Aerial photo of the prisonSiobhan showed us this aerial photo that was taken in 1947.  Much of the prison has been demolished, although we got to look around the part that remains.  The governor’s house is still there but is now used for offices.  It’s odd to see cars parked on what would have been the exercise yard.

The lone chairAs we walked in this was the room we entered.  It’s really just left as it was when the prison closed.

CrossCorridorAll the cells are numbered and each one had a system where the prisoner could pull a cord if they needed attention from the warden, the number of the cell would turn outwards, so the warden could see at a glance which cell it was.  The odd thing is that the doors open outwards…not very safe for the wardens I would have thought.

52There is a lot of information about the jail on it’s very interesting and well worth a read.

Counting the days

CorridorThese photos were taken with a Canon 100D which is a great little DSLR camera that Canon-Ireland have lent me.  I’ve had fun trying it out, this blog is the first of many with it.  The most interesting photo I took is the one below, as soon as I walked into the cell I could see a face in the paintwork….can you see it? When I downloaded the photos I could actually make out a few faces!…Spooky.

FacesCan you see anything?

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  1. Amazing. That’s really interesting with the numbers on the walls. I can see one face on left but that’s it!

  2. I never knew there was a jail in Sligo.
    I suppose the doors open out so that the wardens could see everything in the cell, and the prisoner couldn’t hide behind the door…
    I couldn’t see any faces!

  3. Fantastic photos val. yes you can see a lot
    Of different things in the photo.a great part of Sligo heritage. And it does a have a spooky eerie look to it

  4. Can anyone see a figure in the photo with the number 52, if you look at the top left of the image at end of corridor, I can see a figure which to me looks like someone having there hands on there hips in a standing position. The face in the last image is a haunting face of a what i’d say appears to be a terrified person. Great Images would love to have a wander around here on my next visit to Sligo.

  5. Very interesting yes I could see 2 faces I also believe SligoJail was the smallest in the British Isles and was mentioned in the Guinness book of records. Thanks for sharing

  6. My grandfather was the last govener of Sligo goal and turned the key to close it on the first of June 1956 . Only a few prisoners in his time there and he used to have them in his home for dinner and if they were local they we’re let go home on the promise they would be back by 6am , changed times.
    John moody

  7. Amazing ! I can see more than two faces. Sligo (Mum’s home town) creeps me out. I’ve been to Kilmainham (sp?) Must try to get to Sligo. Thanks for sharing. xx

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