Eye See

I had a hospital appointment today to check my eyes out. I check a lot of migraines and the GP wanted my eyes tested to see if they were anything to do with it. She also thought I might have a cataract so I needed to get it checked. I wasn't allowed to drive because... Continue Reading →

Back to appointments

Just when you think life is going well it has a habit of giving you a swift kick up the backside.  This week I was picking up Jono from Collooney railway station and Rocket-dog came along.  I was walking him along the station and his toenails got caught in a metal grid 😦 So he... Continue Reading →

What big eyes I have ;-)

What big eyes I have ;-), originally uploaded by magnum_lady. I thought this might amuse some of you.....I clearly have nothing better to do.....all the fresh air from dog walking has gone to my head 😉

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