Rocks, beaches and a church

MullaghmoreI had a magical mystery tour today. I was looking for Cliffony beach so I headed into Cliffony but all I could see was a sign for Mullaghmore…so I headed there, had a look at the sea and drove around looking for Cliffony beach. I failed to find it but I now have directions so it’s a blog for another day.

Sligo stonehengeAfter my failure at finding the beach I parked up alongside the main road and followed some small steps into ‘Sligo stonehenge’. It’s actually Creevykeel court tomb, I disturbed a tourist having a wee!!! Be thankful that I didn’t take a photo of that! I did hit my head off the stone above though, luckily I didn’t knock myself out!

View of MullaghmoreThe view above is Mullaghmore taken from Creevykeel. After my brief visit to Creevykeel and a stop off at Harrison’s Bar and restaurant for some lunch (it was lovely), I headed to Streedagh.

StreedaghStreedagh beach is lovely, so peaceful and calm. If you are around there over the next few days check out the Celtic Fringe Festival.

Walking back to happinessThe photo above kind of sums up Ireland for me. The peace and space to just walk on your own and collect your thoughts, surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Drumcliff ChurchAfter the beach it was time to head back to Sligo town but not before a quick stop off at Drumcliff church to say hello to WB Yeats, who’s buried there.

Drumcliff Church DoorInside the churchSo that was part of my day. Sligo, who knew?

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