Harrison’s, Cliffoney, Sligo

Firstly apologies because you will be hungry by the time you've finished reading this post. Secondly I don't spend all my time eating in case you are wondering 😉 When I was posted the list of things to do in Sligo Harrison's contacted me to invite me out to dinner. As it turned out we... Continue Reading →

Rocks, beaches and a church

I had a magical mystery tour today. I was looking for Cliffony beach so I headed into Cliffony but all I could see was a sign for Mullaghmore...so I headed there, had a look at the sea and drove around looking for Cliffony beach. I failed to find it but I now have directions so... Continue Reading →

Art and mountains

I went to my first art class today. It's something I've always wanted to try and I really enjoyed...even though my photography skills are way better than my art skills. It's safe to say Picasso has nothing to worry about. The people are very friendly and the teacher is great at explaining things. I'm looking... Continue Reading →

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