A Sunday Drive

Sligo cygnetsI had a little drive around my neck of the woods this morning.  The first thing I was were these lovely cygnets on the Finlough Lake in Ballinacarrow.

Old railway houseThe next thing we drove by was this old railway house which is slowly being taken over by nature.  The railway has long since closed and there was talk about turning it in to a walk and cycle way but this hasn’t happened yet.

Old railway linesOn we went to Ladies Brae which is a beautiful remote area. I didn’t see anyone else around this morning.

Ladies BraeI must go on a nicer day though, I was getting bitten by the midges this morning!

Ladies BraeGorse and waterThere is a great page here about a walk around the Ladies Brae. It also gives a map if you want to drive around there.

Dancing goatsThis goat photo is one I took on a previous visit to Ladies Brae. It’s one of my favourite photos 🙂


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  1. I can almost smell the gorse/furse bushes! They always reminded me of pina-colada. Midges are evil insects, whose purpose in life is vague. Thanks for sharing the photos. Susan Kane

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