CygnetIn case anyone missed me, (and judging by the lack of comments they didn’t πŸ˜‰ ), I was away in the UK for a few days.Β  I would do a blog post about it but my phone lead isn’t working and I can’t get the photos onto my computer from it.Β  Anyway today was back to normal so I headed into Sligo and saw this lovely sleepy cygnet.

Sligo clouds

I had a chance to have a quick drive to Lough Gill this morning, above was the vision that greeted me. I love this place.

Baby robinI saw this little baby bird this morning on my walk. I wasn’t sure what it was but Michael from Nature Learn told me it’s a robin. I didn’t get too close to it as I didn’t want it to be abandoned, I went up later on in the day and it was gone so I’m pleased it was OK.


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