Sligo Festivals

Well it seemed to be the week of festivals in Sligo. Not just one but two….that I know of. There was the Sligo Summer Festival and the Lunasa Festival. To be honest I lost track of what was happening as part of each festival on Saturday so I just combined all my photos together.

It was great to see so much life in the town. There was meant to be a French Market as well but I only saw one stall so not sure what happened there. I also missed the raft race because it started when the Lough Gill swimmers were coming back.

I loved The Star Factory performing ‘America’ from their upcoming show ‘Westside Story’. You can check them out here.

The Pride parade also took place. It’s always a colourful event and a great turn out for it.

The Soapbox Derby was great craic. The karts were flying down The Mall.

Best of all the sun was shining. There were loads of free events in Johnston Court for the kids too…but I heard people saying they didn’t know where the events were so many a few signs outside would have been a good idea.

There were loads of free music events in the town during the week. I didn’t get to see any of the evening performances but I was delighted to catch a glimpse of The Kanyu Tree carrying out a sound check yesterday afternoon. They are excellent live.

I also got to see a bit of The Cool Hand Dukes, another great band. The rest of my photos (and there are loads….sorry!) are here.

Here’s a video of The Star Factory performing America from Westside Story:

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