Falling for the sea

After my recent visit to Teapot Lane I had a bit of time to kill so I headed to Mullaghmore. It really is a beautiful drive around by Classiebawn Castle. I got out of the car and decided to walk down to the rocks to see if I could get a better photo of the castle.

I didn’t get a better photo but I did get a bit of a shock. The rocks were really slippy and I fell flat on my backside! My first thought was to save the camera which I did but I thumped down quite heavily on my wrist and today is the first day it’s felt OK (and this happened 11 days ago!) Luckily I’m well padded so I only got a bruise on my bum…soaked my jeans though…..I’m sure I looked a right state wandering around town afterwards!

Anyway when I recovered and picked myself up I took some photos of the sea…making sure I watched where I walked.

I’m terrible for going exploring and not telling anyone where I’m going (mainly because half the time I never know where I’ll end up). I was talking to Joe from Sligo Heritage afterwards and he told me it’s very dangerous around Mullaghmore and I was lucky I didn’t hit my head and get knocked out because the tide could have come in. I will certainly be a lot more careful in future.

When I got back to the car I had to sit on a freezer bag because I didn’t want to get the car wet! What am I like?! I went in to a lovely coffee shop in Mullaghmore called The Cove and dried out a bit. The coffee shop is in the photo above. It’s also an art gallery upstairs so well worth a visit.

Next time I go back to Mullaghmore I’m staying well away from the sea 😉



8 thoughts on “Falling for the sea

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  1. lovely story, well not the part about you falling! we went on our holidays to mullaghmore in 1988, fab memories if it. beautiful pictures.

  2. LOL Val, that did make me laugh although I’m glad you’re ok – I know what you mean about wandering and not telling people where you are going. The rebel in me does sometimes like to feel that I can be somewhere without having to report my movements! Funnily enough I slipped over on holiday – I’d already had a dodgy back but decided it was too boring to take the footpath back from Cautley Spout in Yorshire, we should walk beside the river. Managed the slippery rocks in the river (turned out we had to cross it several times!) then slipped on mud…and in trying to spare my back as I fell, twisted my knee! :/

  3. Glad you are ok. I’m exactly like you Val, and because half of the places I venture don’t have a phone signal, the other half worries even more. What are we like, wild women ;-).

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