All that jazz

Lucy is back for the weekend so we had a mooch around town today, taking in some of the Sligo jazz festival with some of the concerts taking place around the town. Before that we took a spin to Beltra Country Market as they were having a craft swap. I took along a set of... Continue Reading →

A Super Saturday

Today was a lovely day - even though I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night. I was wired last night, what with the road traffic accident, we weren't involved and everyone was fine, but it was quite worrying all the same seeing the lorry on its side. Yesterday night I went to... Continue Reading →

Seeing things

I was too early for Beltra market this morning so I headed down to Portavade beach (which is on the same road as Dunmoran). It was lovely with the sun shining and when I got out of the car I was delighted to see a seal. I spent about ten minutes waiting to see if... Continue Reading →

Sligo Festivals

Well it seemed to be the week of festivals in Sligo. Not just one but two....that I know of. There was the Sligo Summer Festival and the Lunasa Festival. To be honest I lost track of what was happening as part of each festival on Saturday so I just combined all my photos together. It... Continue Reading →

Saturday Sunshine

Saturday Sunshine, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. It's been a long day. I picked up mum this morning and we went into see dad. He was being fed by a nurse when we got there, that's a good sign as he hadn't eaten for a couple of days. His breathing seemed calmer today, although he is... Continue Reading →

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