Coopershill Venison Farm

On Saturday morning as part of the So Sligo Festival I went to Coopershill in Riverstown for a tour of their Venison Farm. I’ve always wanted to go there as I have failed miserably at getting a photo of a deer….mainly because on the two occasions I’ve seen them I haven’t had the camera with me. So this time I did have the camera….I got to Coopershill and realised I’d left the battery at home on charge!! I’m destined not to get a ‘deer’ photo.

I had to make do with the phone which has a good camera but it’s not the same. Anyway we walked through the woods in the hope of spotting deer….although I had no i’deer’ where they were πŸ˜‰

Lindy our host took some of the children down closer to the deer….sadly I don’t pass as a child although I was tempted to crawl down there. A few of the deer followed her back in the hope of getting some bread.

This was the best photo I could get….which is lousy 😦 Maybe if someone from Coopershill reads my blog I might get asked back again…here’s hoping anyway.

We all walked back to the courtyard which is very pretty and has some lovely flowers growing in the walls.

We did get to see a beautiful peacock though….until some of the children scared him away.

Coopershill is a beautiful place, set off the beaten track with some lovely scenery leading up to it.

The rest of my photos are here.

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  1. Hi Val. These are amazing photos off your phone! I am delighted that you enjoyed your visit but we must remedy the no deer photo problem. Give us a call and you can come up and photograph the deer. We are very flexible on days and times. You will find that when there are less people about the deer are much calmer and you will be able to get closer. I look forward to your call: number on the website. Best wishes, Simon & Lindy

    1. Hi Simon, thank you very much! I will certainly take you up on that….and get better photos next time as I will remember my battery! Thanks a million, Val

  2. Hello Val ,

    l just visited your blog there and its AMAZING ,your photos are fantastic and l loved
    reading all your interesting and funny comments .
    Keep up the good work ,its just fab.

    Martina F , πŸ™‚

  3. Val,
    I am Brian, Lindy’s husband & Simon’s Dad. I let both of them get on with the Deer stuff – three is too many, so I keep a low profile!
    I was intrigued to see your last photo, and that you were interested in an old gateway near the farmyard. The gate is “Mrs’ Coopers’s Gate”
    When I was a child here the farm hands had a story about the gate. They told me that my great grandmother, Mrs Cooper, who died long before I was born, used that gate as part of a shortcut to the walled garden, which is still there above the farmyard. In fact, they said, she still uses the gate and none of them would go through it. I have followed their example, and to this day I have never passed through as a mark of respect to the lady whose family gave Coopershill its name.
    Look forward to meeting you on your next visit.

    Brian O’Hara.

    1. Hello Brian,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I absolutely loved the old gateway and also the old building nearby it. When I come back again I would love to have a proper look around. I called the photo ‘The Secret Garden’ as it really reminds me of that. What a lovely story to go with the photo….thank you for telling me.
      Looking forward to meeting you too,


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