Back to Coopershill

After my last trip to Coopershill….where I forgot my camera battery! I was invited to go back again with my battery this time and try to get a photo of the deer. As it wasn’t raining today (for a change) I went back again.

There is a lovely drive up to Coopershill. It’s very atmospheric…if only places could tell stories.

Coopershill is a really magical place. As well as a farm (including venison) they also serve afternoon tea, dinner. Host weddings and have luxury accommodation in their beautiful home. They really have it all.

As I arrived today the peacock was there to welcome me. He was sitting just beside the front door. I’ve just been told by Aideen on twitter that the peacock is called Padraig! What a great name for him.

I had a lovely wander around the grounds, hoping to get close to the deer. Alas it wasn’t to be again. I got a couple of shots but they were taken from the car on the way out so as not to frighten the deer or the fawns because if they get a fright they will run straight into the fence and it could kill them 😦

One of my favourite places in Coopershill is the little gateway. It really does remind me of the secret garden. This is what Brian from Coopershill told me about the gate:

The gate is “Mrs’ Coopers’s Gate”
When I was a child here the farm hands had a story about the gate. They told me that my great-grandmother, Mrs Cooper, who died long before I was born, used that gate as part of a shortcut to the walled garden, which is still there above the farmyard. In fact, they said, she still uses the gate and none of them would go through it. I have followed their example, and to this day I have never passed through as a mark of respect to the lady whose family gave Coopershill its name.

Thank you so much to all at Coopershill for letting me look around your wonderful grounds again. I really appreciate it.

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  1. Thanks, Val. You kept your visit very quiet – if I’d have known you were here, I could have taken you into one of the paddocks, near our house, and you could have seen does, fawns and five buck, two with big antlers – you’ll have to come again, and tell me when you’re coming. Lindy

    1. Hi Lindy, I was in touch with Simon beforehand…but only decided the evening before as I was waiting to see what the weather was like…thank you so much for your offer…I will certainly be back again and would be delighted to meet up with you and see the deer….next time I’m going to bring another camera with a better zoom! 🙂

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