Last night on twitter I was rambling on about where I was going to explore. I’m always looking for new places….but I thought I’d have to go back to one of my old haunts until my twitter friend Vanessa told me about Gortarowey. It’s just after Yeats Tavern, a right turn heading to Barnaribbon. It’s a Coillte site so there is a car park and the walks are signposted.

As always it wasn’t great weather. So I got blown around half the walk! The sheltered walk around the forest was lovely though….at least I stayed dry.

The sheep didn’t look very impressed to see me.

I found this little old cottage or maybe it was a shed. I’d love to know the history behind it.

After the forest walk I went on the longer looped walk. It brings you along the base of Benbulben mountain. The clouds were very dense though so I didn’t get brilliant photos.

The little specks of white are sheep! How on earth do they stay up there? If I tried to climb that I’d slide back down.

The views from the walk were lovely. I could see Classiebawn Castle in the distance.

It was very windy at this part though. I’ll have to go back again when the weather is nicer (if Summer ever arrives).

After looking at the sea in front of me I looked behind me and saw the scene above. I think the rain cloud gives the mountain a kind of eerie feel.

So that was todays adventure, I went swimming afterwards to warm up. I was just in the pool when the fire alarm went off!!! Luckily in true Irish fashion no one moved. I didn’t fancy scaring half of Sligo with the sight of me in a swimming costume!

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