SaucepanKids Cooking Demonstration

Saucepan Kids is a great new website inspiring and encouraging kids to grow and cook their own food. They had a ‘cooking with kids’ demonstration in Source Sligo Cookery School.

We were shown how to make fresh herb pesto. With herbs grown from the Saucepan Kids garden. It smelt amazing and tasted wonderful. It’s also much cheaper than the pesto you buy.

Next we were shown how to make Quick Focaccia Bread. This recipe is great because it uses self-raising flour. No need to wait for it to rise as you would if you used yeast. The smell of the bread cooking was wonderful and it really did taste great.

There was also a delicious tomato sauce. All the recipes are very child (and adult!) friendly. All quick and easy to do and unlike shop bought sauce you know exactly what’s in this one. It would be perfect for a pizza topping or as a pasta sauce.

Check out Saucepan Kids for all these great recipes (and more). Also see how they are getting on with growing their own food including their adventures with pig farming.

2 thoughts on “SaucepanKids Cooking Demonstration

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  1. Hi Val
    What a great website. It’s so good to see children involved with food in this way.
    I am definitely going to give the bread a try. The photo makes my mouth water.

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