The day we went to RTE

Last year I entered a photo into the RTE weather photo competition. I took the photo in March on a misty morning. I got a call to say my photo got into the final and that it would be shown on the weather occasionally. Thanks to Joe Cashin for taking this photo, I’ve known him for years over the internet but got to meet him on Wednesday.

I’ve seen it a few times and I’m always delighted when I do 🙂 Anyway I really didn’t think any more about it until this arrived a couple of weeks ago.

So Jono and I headed of on Wednesday. You know Jono if he thinks he will meet someone famous he’s there….plus there was food 😉 We had a tour of the RTE radio and TV studios. The Late Late Show Studio is really tiny. We got to see how they do sound effects for radio shows. We also got to hear the National Concert Orchestra. Jono even got to sit at the Prime Time desk.

It was a really interesting tour, the only shame was that we didn’t get to look around Fair City. We could have gone afterwards but I was worried about missing the train and wasn’t too sure where I was going (as usual).

The weather presenters were all lovely. Nuala Carey spent a long time chatting to Jono. Evelyn Cusack was telling me she often picks my photo when she does the weather because it’s neutral and she can wear whatever she likes. There was also prize giving and I honestly didn’t think the finalist won anything but we did! So that was a lovely surprise. We got a hand crafted plate in a lovely wooden RTE box.

I took a bit of video which is below and the rest of my photo’s are here. I have to say a big thanks to Doug for dedicating a blog post to me….he’s convinced one day I will be rich and famous. Don’t hold your breath Doug 😉

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