Sligo Snow Days

We've had two days of snow in the last week. We don't often get snow, so it's nice to see it when we do get it, and I like it if I don't have to go out in it. We have been fairly battered with storms recently, we had Storm Eunice (which wasn't much to... Continue Reading →

Mid-September Morning

I love this time of year, especially when it's a nice day. This morning was just beautiful, I woke up early as the sun was rising and the intention was to go to the gym. As I was driving there and saw the mist on the fields I just couldn't bring myself to be indoors... Continue Reading →

A break from the Cabin Fever

It would seem that Storm Emma or whatever her name is has decided to go elsewhere. I finally left the house in the car yesterday for the first time since Wednesday. We were running out of things and I wanted to have a little explore. I ended up at Glencar, firstly for a walk up... Continue Reading →

Hooray for happiness

Well I'm baffled as to what has happened to me. I am so happy and about everything - well the good things anyway! I can't believe at the change in my mindset and it's turned my life around. The depression, at the moment, seems to have crawled back under the rock it came from. Little... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Beach

On the way back from Coney Island after a lovely day at the Bealtaine Festival. Meeting inspiring people, listening to music, poems and stories. Tea served from a range, a packed pub and a happy heart. Rain showers that had people running for cover. Puddle-jumping children, a dog with a giant stick, a robin through... Continue Reading →

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