Fair City

IMG_5978Yesterday after watching Lawson I asked the security guard where the Fair City set was.  I missed it last time I was at RTE.   So it was great to have a look around it this time, it really is a lot smaller in real life (isn’t everything!!)

Lucy on the phoneIt’s mad to see a phone and a bus stop there.  We did wait a while for a bus but no luck 😉 Lucy tried to make a phone call but the phone doesn’t work.

IMG_5963The puddles were real though 😉

DSCF9674I was half expecting Paddy and Viv to come walking along the street.

IMG_5969I was delighted to see the set! Imagine if they were filming. If Fair City ever need an extra they can give me a shout 😉

DSCF9666The rest of my pics are here.

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  1. I’d have absolutely loved doing all that! ‘Fair City’ is pretty much the only soap I ever really enjoyed watching. Must’ve been great craic, alright.

      1. Must’ve been so cool doing that, Val. The closest I ever came to something like that was back in 2001, when we visited Glendalough and Avoca, and went to where ‘Ballykissangel’ was filmed (or most of the series was filmed there). Going into Fitzgerald’s Pub (a real pub, and really really called Fitzgerald’s Pub – I half expected to see Father Clifford and Brendan there, served by Assumpta, lol) was cool in that same kinda way you described being on the ‘street’ in ‘Fair City.’ Even though it’s not real, and it’s only telly, it’s still fun. Glad you had such a great time. I would’ve too…definitely. 🙂

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