IMG_5978Yesterday after watching Lawson I asked the security guard where the Fair City set was.  I missed it last time I was at RTE.   So it was great to have a look around it this time, it really is a lot smaller in real life (isn’t everything!!)

Lucy on the phoneIt’s mad to see a phone and a bus stop there.  We did wait a while for a bus but no luck😉 Lucy tried to make a phone call but the phone doesn’t work.

IMG_5963The puddles were real though😉

DSCF9674I was half expecting Paddy and Viv to come walking along the street.

IMG_5969I was delighted to see the set! Imagine if they were filming. If Fair City ever need an extra they can give me a shout😉

DSCF9666The rest of my pics are here.