Thank goodness for Tesco!

Thank goodness for Tesco!, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well we still have snow and ice. I was getting fairly sick of traipsing down to the local shop and trying to carry the shopping back home again. Enough people drove passed me but not one person stopped to offer me a lift… spirit my arse. Anyway enough of my moaning.

I put an order through to Tesco on Monday and it arrived today. It was like Christmas. As you can see from the photo all the essentials were ordered 😉

Onto other news. This little fella arrived at our house:

Exactly a year since our old ginger Tom Yorkie went missing.

3 thoughts on “Thank goodness for Tesco!

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  1. Aww – poor Yorkie – I had forgotten about you having a cat. Apart from the bits of white the ginger tom looks just like our cat we used to have. He was a good age at 16! They are such rascals. He was called Beau – we used to have a dog called Sam at the same time hence the names ……. not ‘politically correct’ these days!!
    How does Rocket feel about all this??? 🙂

    1. This will be cat number 3! Rocket loves the cats….and when I say he loves them he really does. He’s such a rude boy!
      Trouble is the female cat seems to quite like it! 😉

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