Jono and Crystal Swing

Jono and Crystal Swing, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Jono is a massive Crystal Swing fan so when I heard they were being interviewed on Ocean FM, (which is the local radio station in Sligo), I got in touch with Francie Boylan to see if there was a chance Jono could get to meet them.

Francie was really kind and told us to call into the radio station yesterday afternoon during his Drive show. So off we went and we were delighted to be invited into the studio during the interview. It was very exciting to see a radio interview being carried out live. Jono was over the moon to get to chat with Crystal Swing and he gave them a small Christmas present.

Last night Crystal Swing were appearing at The Coach House Hotel in Ballymote and we’ve had tickets since they first went on sale in October. My mum came along with us too, she’s never seen them live before. We had a great night dancing and Derek said hello to Jono from the stage. We left at midnight though even though the dance was still going strong…..I’m way too old for late nights.

Here’s a bit of video. It’s not great quality because it was taken on Jono’s small camera, not my normal camera.

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  1. I saw the poster for them in the coach house when I was in Ballymote a couple of months ago and my first thought was “oh dear” because they they are not exactly my cup of tea! But, hey, as long as you all had a good time.

    But Val, seriously, midnight??!!

  2. So was Jono’s face aching from the permanent grin Val? 😀 getting the chance to go to the radio Station was a huge bonus, good on you for getting in touch! So chuffed you all had such a good night, as Katie said above, they wouldn’t have been my cup of tea either but often its the company and atmosphere… and possibly a couple or ten large shandies too that makes a night extra fun!!

  3. My worst nightmare!!! ha ha!!!

    Glad Jono had such a great time he has had a though year or so! You are a great Mum too. You are always on the go keeping everyones spirits up! I hope you get rewarded this Christmas!

  4. I bet Jono was thrilled – a great early Christmas present for him. Good on them also – see Val, must be worth a visit to ‘you-know-where’ in January 🙂

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