Blue Monday and Icy Tuesday

So yesterday was blue Monday, said to be the most depressing day of the year. I was in good form but my car, on the other hand was not. When I was driving home my car windscreen wipers decided to get attached to each other. I spent quite a lot of time in the hard […]

A break from the Cabin Fever

It would seem that Storm Emma or whatever her name is has decided to go elsewhere. I finally left the house in the car yesterday for the first time since Wednesday. We were running out of things and I wanted to have a little explore. I ended up at Glencar, firstly for a walk up […]


We’ve had a couple of icy mornings in Sligo so I’ve been messing about taking photos….nothing to do with the Frozen film in case you were wondering from the title 😉 Anyway the first two are fairly self explanatory. There were icicles over the river, the photo isn’t the best and it was so cold […]

Sunny Saturday

Today was a lovely sunny day but it was very icy when I walked Rocket-dog at 8am. It does make for lovely photos though. These are all taken with my iPhone 4s, I’m so impressed with the camera on this phone. Hopefully tomorrow will be another lovely day for the parades.  

Sunshine and snowflakes

Today was a good day for photos. We had ice, snowflakes and sunshine…the best of everything. The snowflakes above were frozen on to my car windows. I took Rocket-dog down to the village for a walk. He got bored with me taking photos though and was pulling at his lead so the next two pics […]

Winter in Sligo

We had Winter for a day on Sunday….well a few hours actually until the rain set in (again). I’m not a fan of Winter but it does make for nice photos. I see this house every day when I’m walking Rocket-dog. I always think it looks like Father Ted’s house, I can almost hear Mrs. […]