Sligo Snow Days

We've had two days of snow in the last week. We don't often get snow, so it's nice to see it when we do get it, and I like it if I don't have to go out in it. We have been fairly battered with storms recently, we had Storm Eunice (which wasn't much to... Continue Reading →

A break from the Cabin Fever

It would seem that Storm Emma or whatever her name is has decided to go elsewhere. I finally left the house in the car yesterday for the first time since Wednesday. We were running out of things and I wanted to have a little explore. I ended up at Glencar, firstly for a walk up... Continue Reading →

Freezing and Fund It!

I've had trouble sleeping recently so I was awake for a few hours during the night. This was the view out of my window at 5am. I finally got to sleep for about an hour until it was time to get up, luckily tiredness hasn't hit me yet. I walked Rocket-dog at around 7am and... Continue Reading →

The first snow of 2015

This morning we woke up to snow in Sligo. I took the first photo on my phone in the back garden - the little white speck is the moon. The next two photos are also taken with the phone. Above is the Garavogue River opposite the council offices. I love the sky in this, a... Continue Reading →

Snow Day

Well today started off normal enough until I saw the snow on the mountains and decided to head up to the Gleniff Horseshoe. This place still gives me the wow factor no matter how many times I go up there. Anyway it was calm enough when I first got there and took a photo of... Continue Reading →

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