Christmas in Tesco

I was in Tesco yesterday and noticed it's Christmas! Now I love Christmas....but not in September. On a positive note for me MSN asked to used my photo for their news site 🙂

Spotted on my travels

Over the last week or so I've noticed some daft things. The first thing was the sign above in Lidl, Sligo. What a bargain! You save nothing! The next thing was these 'Self Eat' Easter sweets in Tesco, Carrick-on-Shannon. Self eat? Well who else is going to eat them? The thing I found the strangest... Continue Reading →

Easter eggs and graffiti

The Ulster Bank in Sligo got 'decorated' yesterday. WB Yeats did as well, although the paint was washed off him today when I got to take the photo. I know there is a backlash against the banks at the moment but I don't agree with graffiti on buildings and statues. It's different to see graffiti... Continue Reading →

Easter in January

Yesterday we had a bit of snow in Sligo. Luckily it wasn't too bad and only lasted for the day...just as well because I'm back to being 'mum's taxi' today. The snow really didn't stand a chance as we had a storm last night. Quite a lot of homes lost their electricity. Luckily we were... Continue Reading →

Christmas at Carrick-on-Shannon

I took my mum to Carrick on Shannon today because it's free parking and there is a big Tesco there....much better than the Sligo Tesco, which to be honest is a dump and half the staff are as miserable as sin. I always find the people friendlier in Carrick and it makes a nice change... Continue Reading →

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