Yesterday was Jono’s check up in Dublin. So we set off bright and early for the hospital. Lucky this time there were no hold ups on the train.

Jono had his xray first and then got to see one Doctor. Then we had to wait to see the consultant. The consultant is a really nice man and explained everything to us and showed us the xrays. There is a gap between two of Jono’s vertebrae above where he had the fusion done. It has increased slightly since the last appointment. At the moment he is going to leave well alone as he said Jono is still healing. We have to go back again in October and see if it’s progressed anymore and if it needs surgery. Hopefully it’ll stay the way it is.

In the middle of the doctor talking to us a little child came into the room and started playing with the toys…it was very hard to hear what was being said and it took the childs mother about 5 minutes to come and take the child out of the room!

Anyway the consultant wrote lots of details about curves/degrees etc and he told us next time to come to the adult clinic as it’s less of a ‘zoo’….his words not mine.

After all that we made out way back to the city centre and had lunch/dinner in a fab Chinese place that had an all you can eat buffet…yum. We had a quick look around the shops. I got Lucy some little bits and pieces in a fab shop I found in the GPO arcade and Jono got himself a Pokemon Nintendo 64 console from the game exchange shop on Talbot Street.

We spent today recovering, it’s mad when you think it’s just under 8 hours return trip from Sligo to Tallaght on public transport. We did get a brief walk down to the beach today so that was nice.

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  1. Val

    Lovely to hear that Jono’s appointment went as well as can be expected.

    While trying to kill time in Notts last February, my husband and I had lunch in one of those Chinese ‘all you can eat’ buffet restaurants.

    That night, I had to fast for surgery the following morning and it was a doddle as I was still living off all the calories from the hot buffet.

    The chocolate fountain might have had something to do with it too!

    1. Thanks Steph, ooh yum about the chocolate fountain. The one we went to didn’t have anything like that….just as well really as we ate so much.

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