Boats in the woods

Well I’ve been quiet for the last few days because I’ve had a really bad migraine. It’s finally gone now. This time my usual tablets didn’t work and there was so much going on I couldn’t rest but anyway I’m OK now.

This photo was taken in Hazelwood on Saturday. I love looking at boats (no idea why!)

Yesterday Jono had his first physiotherapy appointment. Funny enough he has the same physiotherapist that Andy has, his name is Charlie.
I did tell the lady that gave us the appointment that Jono has Asperger’s syndrome…..but she didn’t know what I was talking about. So I told Charlie as soon as we got there. Otherwise people tend to wonder why Jono isn’t looking at them, or why he doesn’t seem to understand certain things.

Anyway the appointment went well. We have to buy an exercise ball for Jono to sit on and he has to do some exercises to strenghten his shoulder and core muscles.

When we were in Sligo Jono got to look around the CRIB, it’s a youth club. It will be great for him to go there now and again.

Today Andy had his blood test at the hospital, so that’s two days running I’ve been in the hospital!

Tomorrow and Friday Jono has more appointments. So more trips into Sligo.

We had a nice relaxing evening tonight and watched Flight Plan. It was OK, I’ve seen better films though.

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