A new day

A new day, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

And another groundhog day with a few variations 😉

Last night I was looking at the fridge and although we have two shops in the village (a grocer and a butchers), they are both small and I can only carry so much home as I’m walking.

So Tesco started delivering in Sligo a few months ago and I decided to put through an order and hope they could get to us. It’s quite time consuming going through the website and there were some things I couldn’t get (like panadol and remegel), but I will have to brave the roads soon to get to the chemist for Andy and Jono’s prescriptions.

Anyway lo and behold good old Tesco arrived at around 2.30pm, major excitement in this house to see food! Sad I know. The girl driving the truck was surprised at how much snow we had as the main roads are clear.

This afternoon the Sky card arrived (Jono wanted multi-room, so he could watch tv in his room). I had phoned to order it last week and explained that there was no phone line in that room. After calling to activate the card today I was told they can’t activate it because the sky box needs to be connected to a phone line.
They have to listen to the call I made last week, to make sure I did say we had no phone line…..this is just so we can cancel the multi room. Why should I have to pay for a service we aren’t getting? It’s crazy.
They were meant to phone me back today…..I’m still waiting.

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  1. Val,
    Don’t know if this helps but we have had sky installed for the last five years but we have NO landline.

    1. It’s the multi-room causing the problem Katie.
      We have never had a phone line for the main sky box either, but I read people were ordering Sky multi room and then giving them to a neighbour/friend, so they were getting the sky package for half the price. Still a pain in the butt for us though. Never mind Jono will just have to make do with the free to air channels.

  2. Oh dear, you are really having it hard over there. I have just been catching up on all your doings (or not doing much it seems) I have to say I cheered when I saw the before and after of Jono. Amazing!!!!! He must be so pleased. I hope you get a break in the weather SOON…love Pam

  3. As always Val – moody, well composed great photos. I’ve always found Sky fine until something goes awry; trying to cancel my lad’s subscription when he left his digs after university was a nightmare, they were very inflexible – the call handler reads from the script and if your circumstances are not identical – they’re stuffed.
    Glad you’re coping – good old Tescos, every little helps!

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