Red Bubbles

Red Bubbles, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

I know the photo is a bit random but I thought it would make a change to all the snow pics.

So what to tell you, well we have had yet more snow and it’s bloody cold. Yesterday I had to walk down to the doctors to pick up the lads prescriptions. When I got home I fed and watered them and headed off to the chemist to get everything.

What a shame there isn’t a chemist in the village. Anyway there isn’t so I drove into Ballisodare. The roads weren’t too bad, although you still get the muppets overtaking or on their phones whilst they are driving.

The chemist had run out of Jono’s painkillers, luckily a man from the village called and said he would pick them up today (which he did).

While I was out a friend called with a long phone lead so Sky multi-room is now hooked up 🙂

The minister for education Batt O’Keffe announced last night that all schools are closed until Thursday, lets hope the weather improves by then.

Out ‘watchman’ for the oil packed up a while ago, the company sent us a new one but I thought it was a technical job to change it so I was waiting for Andy to get better. Today Andy told me how to change it over so there I was in the snow with my screwdiver (ooer missus) and mission was accomplished…….but the bloody oil has nearly all gone 😦 So major panic calling all the companies. Most couldn’t deliver until at least the end of next week. Luckily I phoned one that will hopefully deliver Monday morning.

To tide us over the man that dropped around Jono’s tablets bought us a 25 litre container so hopefully that will keep us going.

With all the kindness over the last few weeks from people, especially two local men, it proves to me that angels exist in all different guises and I’m so grateful to these people.

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  1. Val I love the picture. It actually makes me feel really warm while I have it open on the screen. 🙂 What is it?

    I hope you get your oil on Monday. This isn’t the time to be running out. What’s a ‘Watchman’?

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