Beside the seaside

Beside the seaside, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

It was a lovely day today (well this morning anyway) so I headed down to Dunmoran beach after I took Lucy to school. There was no one there except a few cows and a few birds, so I was very surprised to see the sign below:
Drugs in Dunmoran?

Drugs in Dunmoran? Well the cows were eating grass if that counts šŸ˜‰

I met my friend and her little boy in Ballymote this morning. We had a coffee and a chat, I haven’t seen her in ages (my fault because I always seem to be rushing around), it was great to have a relax though.

Andy is still in ‘Hobbit’ mode, he tried his exercises again today but no luck.

Jono’s back is really giving him trouble more then ever now, poor fella. He is also having a few problems with his hearing and has been waiting for 3 months for a hearing test(he tells me he is as ‘deaf as a bat’). I phoned the department this week and told them he is having his surgery on October 27th so if they could arrange an appointment before then. Guess what? An appointment arrived today…..the date: October 27th….arrrrghhhhh sometimes I think I’d be better talking to the wall.

Lucy has been testing baby food today as part of her Home Ec. project about childcare. I had to have a try as well. We tried one of the puddings, do you know it wasn’t too bad. Although I’m not looking forward to trying a savoury one tomorrow.

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