Back to reality

Well it was back to reality for me today after the Christmas break. Jono was back on his course today so it's back to the early mornings again. I had a wander around the town and looked at the 'sales' although some places are still not open. I suppose it'll all be back to normal... Continue Reading →

Beside the seaside

Beside the seaside, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. It was a lovely day today (well this morning anyway) so I headed down to Dunmoran beach after I took Lucy to school. There was no one there except a few cows and a few birds, so I was very surprised to see the sign below: Drugs in... Continue Reading →

Pay & Play :-)

Pay & Play :-), originally uploaded by magnum_lady. This is the sign as you enter the Wine Street car park in Sligo. I think it's funny, but it must be confusing for tourists, it's been like this for well over two years now.

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