The Old School

Today the dog woke up bright and early and as it was a bank holiday here in Ireland we headed off for a long walk. We walked up to Cappagh School House which is located in Coolaney, Co. Sligo. The school was built in 1868 and cost £300. I couldn't find an awful lot of... Continue Reading →

Give the children their SNA’s

It's said that school days are the best days of your life. Try telling that to the children with special needs and their parents. Due to the cutbacks most, if not all, of the children that had full-time SNA's (Special Needs Assistants) now have to share them or in some cases only have 'access' to... Continue Reading →

Free education my arse

The photo is well suited for this blog with 'Caution School' being very appropriate! I'm one of the lucky ones I only have one school going child now so I dread to think how much some families are paying. Education is meant to be free in Ireland, which is a joke because it certainly isn't... Continue Reading →


Snovember, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well as you can see we have snow in Sligo. I'm not a big fan of the snow. It's lovely to look at but no fun when you have to drive in it and gritters appear to be a rare occurance in our neck of the woods. Still it does... Continue Reading →

Thank Donkey it’s Friday

Thank Donkey it's Friday, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Regular readers to my blog will know I have a thing about donkeys 😉 I spotted two on my way home from Ballymote yesterday so I had to pull over and take some photos. Today Lucy went to her friends house and we didn't see her until... Continue Reading →

Beside the seaside

Beside the seaside, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. It was a lovely day today (well this morning anyway) so I headed down to Dunmoran beach after I took Lucy to school. There was no one there except a few cows and a few birds, so I was very surprised to see the sign below: Drugs in... Continue Reading →

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