The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022

It’s been another bumper year for the blog, with over 100,000 views, and I thank all of you who leave comments or read the blog. When I started it in 2009 I had no idea that it would be so popular, and that’s all down to you, my loyal readers. In this post I’ll share the top ten posts of the year – which mainly involve food – so I’m not the only food lover out there.

Here are the top ten posts of the year:

1.  St. Honorè – a new Sligo cafe, French Patisserie and Coffee Specialist. 

2. Pink Clover – the new cafe in Drumcliffe

3. Dock 84 – another new Sligo Cafe, this post was actually written in 2021 and is still getting so many views.

4. A Visit to Sligo Food and Furniture Bank.

5. HonestlyKitchen opens in Strandhill

6. The Mill Apartments, Ballisodare (written in 2011 and still popular)…/the-mill-apartments…/

7. My Guide to Afternoon Tea in Sligo…/my-guide-to-afternoon-tea-in…/

8. To a Village in the Woods…/31/to-the-village-in-the-woods/

9. Feeling 10 years younger at The Hair & Beauty Quarter, Sligo…/feeling-10-years-younger…/

10. The Sligo Gift Guide

There’s certainly a huge appetite for the food blog posts (pun intended) so maybe there should be more of those.

Let me know what posts you’d like to see more of, and thanks again for reading.

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