A Visit to the Sligo Food and Furniture Bank

I’ve written about The Sligo Food and Furniture Bank before, but I could only really appreciate what a valuable service this is when I went to visit. It’s taken me a while to process my feelings around this, firstly that it’s needed in 2022, and needed by people from all walks of life, and that’s the thing – everything has gone up in price but wages haven’t and people are struggling.

The other thing that struck me, and almost moved me to tears was the warmth of the people volunteering in the service. Everyone who arrived when I was there got the warmest of welcomes, nothing was too much trouble. Some people arrived with nothing except the clothes on their backs and their children. They were tired, lost and alone but they were made feel so welcome.

The Sligo Food and Furniture Bank is open to anyone who needs it. It’s not means tested and you won’t have to fill out any forms. You are welcome to take anything that you need. Sheila Scanlon, who runs The Sligo Food and Furniture Bank was showing me the food that’s available and explaining that the perishable foods would have been thrown away by the supermarkets if the food bank didn’t take it. There’s also a great variety of non-perishable foods available too.

You can also get clothes for men, women and children, toys, ornaments, books, bedding – in fact everything you can think of. They have a selection of furniture available too which their team of volunteers can deliver for a small charge.

You can find them on Gaol Road (the former Sligo Volunteer Centre). On Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday you can Text 0868563949 requesting an appointment for clothes and toys. This is in demand & there may be a wait period.

On Friday there’s open access for food from 11am to 3pm. Bring grocery bags
On Tuesday there’s open access for food 2pm to 3.30 pm. Bring grocery bags

For Furniture or Furnishings you can text request to 0868563949 and the centre will get back to you.

You can find the centre on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sligo-Food-Furniture-Bank-105842381941571

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