Feeling 10 Years Younger – Thanks to The Hair and Beauty Quarter

I got a message some months ago from Muireann at The Hair and Beauty Quarter in Sligo, she asked me if I’d like to take part in the Ultraceuticals RVR90 campaign and competition. RVR90 is an abbreviation for Real Visible Results in 90 Days. I had to take on a skin care routine and use the Ultraceuticals products for 90 days, in between Muireann worked her magic and gave me the most amazing facials.

At the beginning I was so anxious, you know me – at this stage I think anxious is my middle name. I haven’t had facials before and I just used soap and water on my face; no skincare routine, no moisturiser, no cleansers, just wash and go. I needn’t have worried as all the staff in The Hair and Beauty Quarter are so friendly and welcoming and Muireann is just the most wonderful lady. I told her how nervous I was and she really settled me.

Going from zero skincare to taking on a morning and evening routine was also a worry – would I stick with it? Would I do it properly? I did stick to it and thanks to Muireann’s videos and voice messages I did it properly too. I could see the change in my skin quite quickly, I had people asking if I’d been on holiday! Not only was my skin brighter, but my wrinkles didn’t seem to be as bad. I’m absolutely delighted with the results and I really enjoyed the whole process.

Although Muireann didn’t win the RVR90 award this time (she was one of the winners last year) she’s a multi award-winning skin care specialist, and the salon has numerous awards. Don’t just take my word for it, go and visit yourself, you’ll be glad you did. I’m so grateful to Muireann for her kindness and asking me to be a part of the challenge, it was a wonderful experience from start to finish.

You can find out more about The Hair and Beauty Quarter on their website: https://hairandbeautyquarter.ie/

This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to take part by The Hair and Beauty Quarter, no money changed hands.

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