To The Village in the Woods

As you know I love exploring but after a busy day yesterday I didn’t feel like driving for miles today. I’ll tell you more about yesterday in another blog post. I’m blessed to live in a beautiful area, with many hidden gems close by. Today I went back to the village in the woods, I’ve written about it on a number of occasions, but the last time I went looking for it I couldn’t find it – I have zero sense of direction – and this is not the first time this has happened. Sarah once again reminded me how to get there.

The walkway has changed since the mountain bike track has been made, it makes it much easier to get there now, no mad scramble up muddy rocks or ducking under fences and following coloured ribbons.

The walk is between Coolaney and the N59 Ballisodare Road, just off the Hungry Rock Road. Park in Glenwood and follow the signs for the forest walk. Keep walking (you’ll go through a couple of gates) until you come to a fork in the road – you’ll see Knocknarea to your right.

The Clearing

Take the left turn – up a gravel hill, keep walking until you come to a clearing, you’ll see the narrow bike track on your right – follow the track (mind the bikes!) just a short way up you’ll see the village on your left. Keep a look out for wild goats, deer, red squirrels and hawks, I’ve seen the last two there previously and I know the others are there – you can smell the goats from a mile away! There were also lots of bees buzzing around – which was wonderful to see as I haven’t seen many this year.

The village doesn’t feel as special as it used to, maybe that’s because the energy of the place has changed due to the work. There were a number of ‘treasures’ from the cottages but now sadly only a few remain. It’s still a lovely walk though, but for me it’s lost the magic. Here’s a video from a previous walk I did there:

Read more about Glenwood on Sligo Walks:

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