The Mill Apartments, Ballisodare, Sligo

I have seen various blogs and photos about The Mill Apartments but I wanted to go and see for myself. I drive passed this place almost every day. It was built on the site of the old Avena Mill which was once  owned by the Pollexfen family. You can read more about it on Sligo Heritage.

From the front it doesn’t look too bad, although some of the windows are boarded up. However you just walk up the steps from the main road and you are in a courtyard.

It’s very sad to see what the vandals have done to these apartments. There were cupboards, heaters and lights strewn all around the place. Most of the windows were smashed. I’d say any fixtures and fittings were long gone. I didn’t go into any of the apartments, I just stayed outside. I was too worried as I was on my own and it really is an eerie place to be.

The excerpt below was taken from the brochure about The Mill Apartments when they were finished in 2006.

‘If home is what you make it, then you couldn’t make it better than this. At home in the Mill, Ballisodare you’re surrounded by un-spoilt natural beauty. Whether you’re buying your first home, planning to invest, looking for a holiday home or simply looking for a taste of the good life, at the Mill you’ll be rewarded with a property that simply has it all.

Look out your window and bathe in the breathtaking beauty of the Ballisodare River. With its abundant supply of wild salmon and bubbling rapids it’s a magnet for anglers and kayakers alike. Look further a field and you’ll find horse riding, ancient tombs and fabulous golf courses. At the Mill your free time, means a great time.

Every inch of the Mill has been architecturally designed to maximise, light, space and style. Choose from one, two and three bed apartments all of which nestle around the falls of the Ballisodare River. There’s ample parking and what is destined to become a first class restaurant and dining area. The Mill’s brave design sets a new standard in apartment living.’

You can read the rest of the brochure here.

The views from these apartments would have been lovely. The apartments themselves were designed to be luxury homes and were for sale starting from 320,000 for a 2 bedroom apartment.

The photos really don’t do it justice. It was like something I would have imagined from a war zone. Just complete devastation. What makes it worse is the people who are crying out for homes and these have just been abandoned and left to rot.

RIP Celtic Tiger. The dream turned into a nightmare.

I found this video on YouTube which is really worth watching.

11 thoughts on “The Mill Apartments, Ballisodare, Sligo

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  1. Hi Val
    It’s all so unbelievably sad.
    So sad that the Irish dream has turned so sour.
    So sad that there are people out there who get their kicks from destroying everything in sight.
    And so very sad that there seems to be no way of salvaging the situation and providing much needed homes.

  2. I thought foundation problems/planning was the reason that complex was stopped. Would have been beautiful too. Now its become as much of an eyesore as the old mill.
    As for the vandals… i’m too disgusted on them to comment.

    1. There was one lady living in them but she has moved out. Not sure the whole reason behind it…although all the apartments were finished. It’s awful now. They have put fences around it now so at least the vandals can’t get in, but the damage has been done.

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