A break from the Cabin Fever

It would seem that Storm Emma or whatever her name is has decided to go elsewhere. I finally left the house in the car yesterday for the first time since Wednesday. We were running out of things and I wanted to have a little explore.

I ended up at Glencar, firstly for a walk up to Glencar Waterfall. It’s the first time that I’ve ever seen icicles around it. It was stunningly beautiful. Just me and a little robin for company. After a visit to Glencar teaSHED to warm my hands and have a hot chocolate I braved my second waterfall.

This one is the Devils Chimney and is on the Sligo side of Glencar. This is the highest waterfall in Ireland and only flows after heavy rainfall, it also blows upwards when it’s windy – so well worth a visit. Yesterday it was frozen solid! Just spectacular.

After my exploring it was time to explore the shops. As I looked around the empty shelves I realised I was humming a tune – it was ‘It’s the end of the world’ by R.E.M – that’s exactly what it was like! The only positive was the amount of good natured banter by fellow customers. It’s amazing how much conversation the weather provides. One man I was chatting too lived in a snowy country for years and couldn’t believe how much chaos was caused in Sligo where we had about a millimetre of snow. Another man recalled the time of the ‘big snow’ in 1962/63 he said conditions were so bad that food had to be airlifted to the worst affected areas. It said weeks later random food parcels were found in the middle of fields because they hadn’t quite calculated where to drop it!

Hopefully life will be back to normal tomorrow and if you, like me, are missing out on social interaction come along to the Havin’ALaugh coffee morning in The Blind Tiger, Sligo from 10am – 12 noon. It’s not a fundraiser, just a chat, you pay for whatever drinks and food you have. I hope to see you there – if I’m not snowed in 😉

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