Rathcormac and Rosses Point at Christmas

Sometimes things don’t go to plan, I used to fight against those days now I just go with the flow and trust whoever is in charge who sometimes knows just what I need rather than what I want.

I went along to Rathcormac Market today, I wasn’t in the best form. I was back in my ‘I don’t want to be here mode’. I got chatting to a lovely lady, it was so nice just to chat. I also had a lady come up to tell me how much she enjoys the blog – aw 🙂 The singers started and Santa arrived and I relaxed especially when I saw the gorgeous little dog that arrived with Santa and the horse and carriage. I ended up bumping into a friend and having a coffee and enjoying myself immensely.

On the way home I took a detour to Rosses Point, the sun was setting as I driving there so I had to stop to take pics, you’d think I’d never seen the sun, mind you it’s rare enough here. There’s nothing like a walk down by the ocean to clear my head, a man went in swimming just as I was leaving – rather him than me! I’d go if I had a winter wet suit but he was just in swimming trunks and it was freezing!

Rosses Point have done a really lovely job on their Christmas lights, it’s well worth paying a visit and Austie’s Bar and Restaurant looks gorgeous. I also had a cuppa and a catch up with a friend, another unexpected event.

To top off a good day when I got home Jono had received a letter from the hospital with an appointment for his pain management injections, what a coincidence as I was on the radio yesterday speaking about the long waiting lists.

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