I’m happy!

Today was the second social coffee morning in conjunction with Havin’ALaugh. One of the main things that I found recently is how isolated I felt and this impacted greatly on my mental health and well-being.

I suppose the older I get the harder I find making friends especially if you aren’t a church goer/ pub goer etc and I’m not. Most people seem to be well settled in their circle of friends and it’s hard to try to fit it. I’ve felt so many times like I’m on the outside watching life pass me by but not being fully involved.

Anyway today was the second coffee morning. I knew it wouldn’t be as busy as the initial one but I did think no one would turn up. Armed with a book just in case I was on my lonesome for two hours I went in to The Blind Tiger – there were already people waiting which was wonderful!

It was so lovely to meet new people and of course some people who I already knew, everyone was having a great chat and it really did wonders for me. I’m already looking forward to the next one and I’m amazed just how much I have in common with so many of the people I’ve met so far.

Not only was the coffee morning wonderful but I had a great day yesterday too. A friend of mine was giving away a Dyson vaccuum and kindly gave it to me. I’m so thrilled! It’s fantastic! I haven’t been this excited since I got a wheelie bin delivered!!  – sad I know!

So life is good, very good, and I’m so looking forward to what happens next.

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