I’m happy!

Today was the second social coffee morning in conjunction with Havin'ALaugh. One of the main things that I found recently is how isolated I felt and this impacted greatly on my mental health and well-being. I suppose the older I get the harder I find making friends especially if you aren't a church goer/ pub... Continue Reading →

Friends, cars and films

Yesterday I got to meet some of my twitter friends. One of them was all the way from Australia 🙂 We met in The Harp Tavern who have the Jazz Lads on there every Sunday lunchtime. Now Jazz wouldn't really be my kind of music but they were very good. It was lovely to meet... Continue Reading →

Magnum in Manchester

I have been a fan of Magnum since I was a young thing. They are the reason I call myself Magnumlady. So for those of you that thought it was after the ice cream, gun or private detective you were wrong 😉 I braved the journey by myself and I'm not a big fan of... Continue Reading →

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