Hooray for the weekend

I’m sitting here listening to Storm Brian howling outside, we’ve already lost half of the fence. It’s been such a hectic week, at this stage I’m beyond tiredness and I really need to look after myself. Every time I sit down I want to go to sleep, I really must get a blood test done because I’m convinced that I’m lacking in B12 again.

I finished with my counselling sessions for the time being. It was tough and I’m my own worst enemy because the more the counsellor pushed me the more I clam up. So the counsellor feels that she’s gone as far as she can with me. I’m waiting for an appointment with another counselling service and maybe that might unlock a few more issues.

Lately I find that it’s not at the time where things have an effect on me feelings wise. It can be a week or two when I’ve really had time to think about things that have happened that they sink in. It’s made me think about different things that I’m involved in and I’m going to cut back. I can’t do everything like I used to, I’m too tired and there are some things that I just don’t enjoy anymore so it’s time to drop them.

One of the things I’m really enjoying is the documentary photography work for the arts services that I do occasionally. At the moment ‘Primary Colours‘ is running. Primary schools around Sligo are invited along to the Hyde Bridge Gallery. The children are given a tour of the exhibition and get to produce their own interpretations of the work on display or their own art. I’m so inspired listening to the various artists and even watching the way primary school children approach art. Some of the results by the children are fantastic, it’s great to see such talent out there.  I’d love to explore the art avenue and see if there’s anything artistic in me.

I’m looking forward to the Havin’alaugh Social Coffee morning on Monday, it’s on from 10am – 12 noon in The Blind Tiger, Sligo so do come along if you can. It won’t be anything as busy as the previous one but I’m hoping some people will be there 🙂

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