Well the blog took off big time yesterday. I had the second busiest day with blog visits since I started the blog 8 years ago! Most importantly I’m just so struck by how kind and supportive the majority of people are.

My ‘poisonous parrot’ (as it’s called in CBT) is working overtime at the moment. The poisonous parrot is what they call negative thoughts. My mind still is my biggest enemy and I can’t really see an end to that at the moment. I’m having much more good days than bad at the moment so that’s great.

I’ve actually started planning something that will hopefully raise awareness for mental health. Watch this space for further updates.

I wrote this ‘poem’ I suppose you’d call it when I was in the depths:

Depression isn’t catching

Break a leg or have a physical ailment and watch the outpourings of sympathy,
Say you are feeling sad and the world almost tips by the stampede of feet running away,
A kind word costs nothing, a smile can make all the difference.
The isolation was almost unbearable.
I’m not contagious. The tears have dried up.
I’m still the person I always was. In fact I’m a stronger version.
The stigma will never end until people realise that depression isn’t catching.

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  1. How many times do we say, if you ever need to talk just call me, but how much do we really mean it? At some stage in our lives we all will need someone- nobody escapes that need. Let’s all try to remember that. Loved the reality of your poem. Be well and hope the poisoned parrot gets lost.

  2. Love the poem!
    Keep a cover over the poisonous parrot when, like most parrots, he’s too noisy.
    Don’t expect to feel positive all the time ; sometimes everyone needs a “pity party” – just talk to your audience, we’re rooting for you.
    My siblings appear to have come up with the idea that my physical illness plus ensuing depression, that’s their problem and loss, not mine!
    Peace of mind is the most important result of doing what you know to be right, and, believe me, it will come. xxx

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