Highs and Lows

A mixed bag of a day. Aren’t they always? Mostly good though.
I tried roller skating again and actually managed to stay upright so that’s progress. My friend gave me elbow and knee pads and a helmet so I felt slightly more confident. One of these days I might be able to skate into town…well I live in hope.

The camera had an outing today, it was great to be out and about in nature. There’s a lovely bee garden near Sligo Sports Complex, I often drive by it but have never stopped to have a look. Today I did and it’s beautiful. So many bees and butterflies and some beautiful flowers. I love looking at gardens, it’s just so relaxing.

My friend invited me to lunch at the Riverside Hotel, I haven’t seen her in a while so it was great to see her again and have a chat and the food was gorgeous. I had baked goats cheese followed by lemon posset, both delicious.

I had to get a tube of antiseptic cream (rock and roll!), I went to pay with my debit card and it got declined. I thought it was a problem with the card reader but no it wasn’t! I checked my bank account and I’m in minus figures. My electric bill came out sooner than expected. Oh well, it’s only money! I thought when I reached my age I’d be financially OK, maybe one day.

Anyway the debit card problem just made me realise how far I’ve come, I didn’t panic, I didn’t cry. I went back to the car, rooted around and found some change for the antiseptic. Mind you now as I sit here I am having palpitations – but that might be the coffee I just had. đŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Highs and Lows

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  1. Well done, your photos are stunning, you did great dealing with the “unexpected” and that is huge progress. Your braver then I am..roller skating- nope, not me….I would recommend wrist guards..they will save from a broken wrist when and if you fall done- as the 1st thing we do is put out our hands to brace our falls….:)

    1. Thanks Suzanne, I’m still wearing a bandage from the last three falls on my wrist. I was lucky I didn’t break a bone.
      I was quite proud today đŸ™‚

      1. You should be..I remember when I 1st started to learn to ice skate…I was so proud of myself when I didn’t fall down..at least when I fall I slid on the ice as I have padding…:)

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