Wave after wave

It’s been a stressful week. I thought last week was bad enough but this one topped it. It’s helped me learn a lot about myself though and as I end the week I’m stronger than I ever thought I was.

The depression and anxiety are still there. They come and go in waves. Sometimes I’m swimming happily and other times I feel like I’m drowning. My biggest problem was that on the bad days I was trying to fight the waves, to swim against the tide. This week I’ve discovered I have to go with them, that trying to resist just results in more stress.

I’ve also discovered that I have to learn to trust myself. At times I feel like I’m being pushed and pulled in various directions which is quite difficult to deal with. I’m also quite indecisive at the moment and but that’s OK. I am making progress in my own way.

This week I faced a fear. If you’d have mentioned it to me last week you would have got a very different point of view from me. I didn’t even know I was strong enough to deal with this particular situation….but I did it….and for probably the first time in my life I’m proud of myself.

No matter what happens from here on in I know that I can trust myself to do the right thing. As always I’m so grateful for the support from my family, friends and readers of the blog. If you are going through a similar situation I wish you strength and hope. You might just surprise yourself by how brave you are.

7 thoughts on “Wave after wave

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  1. You’ve made important discoveries and if there’s something good that depression can bring us is self-knowledge. It is the good part.

    You’ve made your progress. You’re a brave and strong woman who has many reasons why to be proud of yourself. To name some: friendly, fun, smart, talented, creative…

    I wish you more and more progress, better and better days. xox

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